Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday morning: What if?

What if all your e-mails disappeared? Just vanished. An empty inbox. Empty folders. As if you no longer had an online identity?

On a philosophical level, think ahead 100 years, and this will be so for us all. Vanished. Maybe a few artifacts will remain, a family photograph, a treasured painting or book. Chimeras all.

And here I was worried about catching up, decluttering, finishing, staying organized. Feeling guilty because I reported into A Round of Words in 80 Days only once this week.

This morning, all my e-mails did go away to some mystical, nebulous unknown. Yahoo Mail says no one has used up their terrabyte of storage, but I had whittled those 500 e-mails in my inbox down to a mere 250. My contacts are still there, but all those folders are gone. 

Yahoo is working on restoring my e-mail, and I'm in active damage control (who do I absolutely have to contact now?). I could fall down the rat hole of what's to blame (new iPhone, one of several Clouds), but maybe it's OK to just let those e-mails go and start over.

Sunday morning ROW Report for the week:

  • Writing: Wrote/revised 6 out 7 days on Rivers of Stone. Blogged on my writing blog (hooray!) about: "Revision and More Revision: Barn Owls or Cougars." Read another 60 pages on Justice (beta read).
  • Marketing: Actually used social media x2. Handed out bookmarks at random. (I'm not so good at selling. Sometimes I send people to the library or a local bookstore . . . and then I feel guilty because I could have saved them $5.)
  • Community: Finished front cover for that 40-page program due October. Worked on vendor section.
  • Other: Walked/exercise x7 days? Yes. Blood sugar coming down? Yes. Quilting? Fooled around with bear quilt, a design that's emerging as I finish each block, a process of draw, select batik fabrics, moves pieces around, and hand sew into place. Babysat grands so kids could see Star Wars. They came home smiling. Starting to plan our first trip since March -- maybe two weeks up to the Colville wilderness area here in Washington and over to Lake Chelan.
ROW80 Goals for the coming week:
  • Writing? Go for 7 out of 7 on Rivers of Stone. Finish beta comments on Justice by August 1. Set up ACX for Years of Stone by August 1. Blog 3x week (ROW & Writing blog).
  • Marketing: Work on authors' table for Artisans Fair and Folklore Society. Draft summer newsletter.
  • All the rest? Pretty much damage control. Maybe Yahoo will have good news for me.
Bear Quilt in Progress,
Three blocks finished (July 2016)
(click to see detail)
May you have a good week of writing and just enjoying the summer, a perfect time for walking in the late afternoon and noticing those leaves at the very top of the trees are starting to hint at fall.

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Consider joining in. After all, we are a community of writers at every stage who recognize real life does intervene. Thank you, Kait Nolan and those sponsors actively making ROW80 possible for Round 3!


  1. Nice progress this week! I love the quilt!

    I'd freak out if my emails were missing. That is so strange. I can't imagine why you'd lose them like that, but the internet works in weird ways. I hope there is good news coming.

  2. Sorry to hear about your emails falling into a black hole. That happened to me a while back, realized it was my own error - darn delete button. But it is still refreshing, almost a relief. What's gone is gone and there may not be anything anybody can about it. Except to move on. Start over. Maybe take an internet break for a while. But definitely it is not the end of the world, right?

    Best wishes for continued progress on Rivers of Stone and the quilt is going to be beautiful!


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