Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday night: Looking ahead

For those who follow A Round of Words in 80 Days, Sunday brings a bit of time to reflect back over the week -- and to plan ahead. 

Well, the grandchildren came today, the four-year-old and a nearly two-year-old. Both energetic, curious, and adorable. Thankfully, when they tired of quieter games, we could run, the tried and true, "1-2-3: Go!" I was grateful I got my writing done early this morning. 

Looking back over the week, I'm pleased with writing progress (thank you, Summer Camp Nanowrimo) by writing/editing every single day. And I did complete that interview of a local quilter I admire. The rest seems unimportant, but I've made good progress on the program for WSQ (cover done!), some progress on marking up Justice, a very little sewing, read my backlog of writing magazines, and watered my African violets. OK, I also got the filing organized and caught up. Exercising every day? Yep.

So goals for the coming week?

  1. Write/edit minimum of one hour a day/Rivers of Stone.
  2. Blog minimum of 3 posts, including writing blog.
  3. Set up Years of Stone on ACX for audiobook.
  4. Persevere on Marketing Plan: Complete 2 action steps.
  5. Read 30 more pages to crit Justice.
Which of these goals is most problematic? For now, maybe because it's summer, I'm finding it hard to write on my other blogs. The travel blog is moribund because we're not traveling at all just now, though a trip to Fort Colville may be in order for early August. But since I am writing, something should pique my blogging pen, right?

Actually I have an idea for a post I'll work on later -- Allen talked about his book Reaching to a group of retired (mostly World War II veterans). Check out the link HERE.

May you have a good week! Read what other ROW80 writers are up to HERE. And what do you do when you want to blog, but just don't have the 'right' idea?


  1. Oh! That quote!

    I'll take time with kids - small, medium, or large (or, like my almost 15, extra-large, and still getting larger!) Kids inspire. Kids delight.

    It does sound like you were making progress - just not maybe in the areas you expected.

    May this week be glorious!

  2. It struck me as delightful that "and watered my African violets" was on your list of accomplishments ... perhaps because if I remembered to care for a plant of any kind, it would be noteworthy. My hubby has the green thumb. Mine is on the other side of the colour wheel. :D
    All the best with your goals, Beth. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Time with grandchildren, or with children, is precious. Please enjoy to its fullest.

    I wonder, if you're having trouble with your travelblog, it's because you're looking at "big trips". But for people unfamiliar with your region, finding the small and unusual in your local area can be a real gift. Also, maybe you could write a few posts on "past memories", revisiting a place via memories and how you think you might see it differently, or with new pictures...

    As if blogging doesn't take so very much time as it is. ;-)


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