Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ROW80: Progress? Surprises? Yep!

After a flurry of intense meetings for other projects, a few days when the writing was more mental than physical, I'm thrilled to report real progress -- and amazing support from a surprising source -- an old friend from far away.

First this week's update:

  • WRITING: Made the decision to not throw Section 03 of the current wip (Rivers of Stone) out the window. I want to tell the whole story, and not worry about deadlines or length. After all, one of the benefits of self-publishing is flexibility. I see a minimum of 3-6 months of work ahead, and that's OK.
  • BLOGGING: Posted this month's article for the Insecure Writer's Support Group on my writing blog. Did not read anybody else between Sunday and now. Blame Labor Day, family commitments, and my own lack of stamina for which I feel sorry, for these ROW80 colleagues are a wonderful part of my writing life.
  • MARKETING: Finally working on that newsletter which now has an official deadline of September 15. Found a wonderful article by Joanna Penn on marketing audio books and feel like I'm finally making some progress here too. Made a meme to help readers 'see' the audio book as an option.
The summer surprise has been Sandy Brown Jensen's post interviewing me in "What Were the Chances?" just yesterday on her blog, A Book is a Dream. Yes, I see a bump in visibility, but most importantly, I'm appreciating all over again the generosity of other writers. Thank you, Sandy, for the photo shoot, the interview, your friendship, encouragement, and sheer creativity. 

Sandy Brown Jensen talking about a painting
by her sister, Cheryl Renee Long

Hop on over to read what other ROW80 writers are doing this midweek -- and write on!


  1. Yes don't throw a chunk away if the story needs it!

    I'm on Joanna Penn's mailing list and there are a lot of interesting articles by her that I really want to read - just haven't fitted them in so far.

  2. Not too shabby. I agree if the story needs, don't chuck it out of the window.
    Passes you some coffee. Blogging is good for the soul.

  3. The nice thing about a written chunk of story is that it's easy to cut out, add again, tweak, change, undo, etc. It's those not-yet-written pieces that are hard to work with...

    And oh! How I hear you on holidays and how to break the rhythm of things. Makes sense, I guess, since that was their original purpose.

  4. Fifteen Labor Days ago, I was getting to know my one-day-old son. I've always thought it was cool for a writer to be in labor for most of Labor Day Weekend. =)

    Hooray for progress made, supportive friends, insights gained, and new paths becoming clearer!

    May this week be even sweeter!


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