Sunday, September 4, 2016

ROW80: Sunday Night Simplicity.

End of Summer, 
Dishman Hills Park
(Camp 2016)
After yesterday's hour-long hike at Dishman Hills, our feet hurt. Today we just played with the grands. See the video below as a two-year-old encounters salsa for the first time!

As Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days winds down, I'm feeling pretty good about finishing the outlining, but now comes the structural editing, tightening, re-analyzing the character arcs, and deleting those scenes that don't move the underlying story forward. Will I finish this year? Truly, I just don't know. but here are my GOALS FOR SEPTEMBER. 

1. WRITING: Review editing notes for Rivers of Stone at least one hour a day. Analyze character and story arcs. Decide if Section 03 is a part of ROS. Clean up character doubles. Prepare for beta read by September 30. Always ask: Where’s the conflict? What moves the story ahead?

2. BLOG: Write IWSG post due 9/7. Blog 3x week.

3. MARKETING: Develop marketing plan for September. Identify 3 strategies for marketing audio books to pursue. Set dates and decide on ads-for-pay and identify free outlets that work for historical fiction. Request book reviews from historical fiction bloggers. Draft newsletter (short) and make a commitment to send newsletter monthly (Market audio book in newsletter & one ad). Prep September presentation (Corwin).

4. Social media: WEEKLY: Read ROW80 x5, IWSG x4, Tweet 1x & post on author FB 1x.

5. Articles: Write article for SASP newsletter & Boomer U. Submit one flash.

6. WSQ: Work with new team on 2016 program due October.

7. SASP: Coordinate and evaluate October 8 Indie Author’s Day (Sat) and November 11 Veteran’s Day (Friday). PR to support meetings.

8. Reading/Reviews: At least one indie author & one SASP author.

9. Declutter e-mail: Keep inbox down to <125.

10. OTHER: Exercise 5/7 days week. Make two thank you quilts. Make one comfort quilt. Make Ruthie’s birthday quilt (Nov 4).

Probably too many goals and/or projects, but as summer days shorten to colder fall, I'd rather be working inside. Check out what other ROW80 writers are doing HERE. If you are a writer, consider jumping right in!

Highlight of the day? Watching two-year-old Ruthie discover salsa. 


  1. Yes, you do have a lot of goals for September, but I am sure that you will get through them all.

  2. My general approach is to have lots of goals and see where life takes me...I can shift focus easily that way.

    Yours seem relevant for you, and even if you don't finish all of them, you'll be closer - and that's something!

    Love the video! That little girl is salsa-serious!

  3. Good progress and good goals. I'm trying to get my head around marketing in between all the other things so I admire your planning.

  4. Sometimes a lot of goals allows one to find what "really" matters in the slew of Life's demands. And your goals all seem applicable... just things that need to be done... when you can do them.

    Love hiking... thanks for the reminder that it's almost time to go out and enjoy the leaves again.


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