Sunday, September 11, 2016

ROW80 Slowly, slowly into tomorrow

This weekend was a time of discovery, many distractions, little 'real' work, lots of 'real' life, and some writing. 

I did spend hours working/writing/revising a committee project. Good progress for our team, and we made deadlines. The next real deadline in Sept 19-26, and I'm looking forward to finishing this 40 page program -- and letting go.

Friday morning, hubby took me to a garage sale, an amazing collection of quilt patterns and books to inspire my quilting projects. We then went on to Corbin House to spend an hour or so admiring quilts with matching floral bouquets, an annual celebration of the end of summer. A walk through Manito Park ended our day together. Saturday and Sunday, we played with grandkids, and I helped my daughter make applesauce. I read a little, thought a little, and quilted a little. We walked some more.

Here's the next block for my bear quilt in progress, not quite perfect, but I love how the 'flying geese' are set in four different directions, acknowledging that Native tradition of four sacred directions, and, for me, a life that seems to go in unexpected directions. 

Writing? I'm back on track . . . starting tomorrow!

Check out what others are doing as we head to the end of Round 3 (September 22!) for A Round of Words in 80 Days.

Another block for my bear-quilt-in-progress (2016)


  1. I love the quilt block. As usual, your work is beautiful, both the quilting and the writing. Have a great week!

  2. Thank you, Chris. When the writing stalls, quilting brings quiet time and new ideas.

  3. The four directions, the four colours. Ideas ebbs and flows. Mm homemade apple sauce, reminds of the homemade jam mouth starts to water.
    Anyways, when writing stalls, its good that you have something to fall back on, until the idea returns home and say "Here's Johnny"

  4. Our week also began unexpectedly, with our beloved dog's peaceful exit from life. He lived with us most of his nine and a half years of life, and there's this empty place in our family that I keep brushing up against in odd moments. He had cancer, and was rapidly failing...and I'm happy that he seemed happy until the end, and that I was the last one to speak to him, moments before he died.

    But,'s hard to lose a faithful companion, even when I knew the time was coming. I've been reading some fan fiction, watching some Firefly, researching various aspects of life for the Philip Schuyler family circa 1804, and generally cocooning. That quilt block has a good feel for where I am....


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