Thursday, December 11, 2014

ROW80 check-in: Almost didn't!

Very intense week, so my thoughts throughout most of today: What if I don't post?  

I didn't listen to my doubting self, so here's the check-in for ROW80 (Dec 10). As we get closer to the end of Round 4, 2014, I'm thinking what an amazing year this has been, full of writing, reading, planning, and sharing work in progress. And a new grandbaby to cherish.

Update from last week and looking ahead:
1. Writing: Moved new scenes and notes generated during NaNoWriMo over to sections for Rivers of Stone. Decided to take a two-week break from reading/making notes. Plan to start December 21. 
2. Presentations: 2 of 3 presentations done. This Thursday's panel discussion on e-publishing ready to go, and these are the last for a while.
3. Blogging: Using to draft blog posts and for morning writing. Committed to writing on the travel blog x1, writing blog x1, and ROW80 blog x2 (and WIPpet Weds), and reading what others have posted x10.
4. Reading/reviewing. Behind on reviews for (Giorgi, Podruchny, and Odell) but now reading Jackie Ley, Angels of the Jardin Massey. Finished my interlibrary loan, the very useful study, Making the Voyageur World by Carolyn Podruchny. 
5. Marketing: Up next: Revamp marketing/research plan for 2015. Book Bub approved my listing for Standing Stones on December 17. Their newsletter will go out to about 1.2 million subscribers! Including the U.K. That means this week I need to set up wrap around e-mail alerts, double-check book blurbs as tight as possible, and get that MailChimp e-mail blast ready to go. This is my first real promotion, and I'm excited to offer Standing Stones for free as a kind of thank you for all the interest and encouragement so many have sent my way.
7. Keep decluttering . . . Still holding e-mails under 300. Would love to quilt a little -- between all else. Maybe.

Other stuff: Interesting idea gleaned from our panel (and from reading what other indie writers put in at the end of their books): When you set up your e-book, include a request for reviews in the Afterword. Some writers offer a free copy for review purposes. Interesting.

WIPpet Wednesday: Here's a snippet from Rivers of Stone, the snippet for December 12 month = 12 lines. It was fun to write this work song in the style of the voyageurs. 

Context: Cat, still disguised as a boy, works as an assistant to artist Paul Kane and travels west to Fort Vancouver with the voyageurs. 

     The men started before breakfast, broke camp, and carried blankets, packs, and the food out to the canoes. Kane slept through the noise, while Cat repacked his art supplies and drawings in a waterproof parfleche. 
     Once Kane had roused and the four canoes launched, they were on the river. The voyageurs began to sing, almost a lament, well matched to the rising mist that obscured the forest and the mountains ahead.
     Cat leaned back on her pack in the middle of the canoe. "Sing that one again, Pierre."
     Without missing a beat, Pierre swung his great oar and added a new verse, the men picking up the refrain. 

"She was the prettiest gal I ever did see, 
out along the Muskagee,
Her father was gone, her mother was lost,
and all she had was me."
I'm heading home to that faraway place, 
along the Muskagee,
where the wolves don't run, and the deer are fat,
and all she has is me."

Voyageurs at Dawn, 1871 by Frances Anne Hopkins (1838–1919) Wikipedia

May the week go well for all your endeavors, with a little time set aside for quiet reflection at the end of the year. 

Check out what others have written for ROW80 HERE and, consider signing up to be a sponsor for Round 1 of 2015, yes?

Also, hop over to myrandommuse to see what writers have posted for those precious snippets for Wednesday's WIPpet (work in progress). 


  1. I loved the song :)
    And congratulations on the grandbaby!

  2. Thank you, Celine. Sadly, I don't know French, but I've listened to the cadence of these songs and read translations. So many people sing when they work, especially for long periods of repetitive labor. Good to celebrate work with song. Even lullabies . . .

  3. So enjoyed the WIPet and the song is wonderful.

  4. I love the song! Seeing your comment above about the cadence and the translations, this strikes me as exactly right. It has the feel of that type of work song.

  5. Clear, vivid setting in your WIPpet. It really came to life. Loved the song--a nice touch.

    Sounds like you've been busy. Congrats!

  6. Wow, Beth! Congratulations on the grandbaby, if I missed it before (I probably did - there are just SO MANY blogs to keep up with!). I like the WIPpet, and especially the song. :-) It looks like you're doing well on most of your goals. Don't let the holidays and the end of the round burn you out, though! Take that all-important MEEE time every now and then.

  7. I use 750 Words to do my brainstorming, but haven't used it to actually write blog posts. A lot of times, I'll land on an idea and copy the appropriate section to Evernote, then write the post based on that. I'm likely going to use Scrivener next year for the blog, so I'm not jumping out to find something on the Internet and getting lost in the web.

    I like the song in the WIPpet, by the way.

    Have a good time with the grandbaby!

  8. Congrats on getting approved for BookBub. Hopefully that will generate lots of good stuff for you. :D

    Love this scene. It's a nice, light, enjoyable part of Cat's travels. I really like the picture you've tagged along with it.

  9. Joining the chorus! Love the song, the art, the entire vibe of the piece. Makes me want to paddle down a river....

    In a few months, maybe!

    I use 750words to draft all my blogposts and my WIPs (stories, poems, novels)...Something about that wide expanse of screen suits my need to just write. Sometimes I rough edit there (more with poetry than anything else), but usually, I move things from there to my LibreOffice files, and then, depending on the project, to WordPress or to Scrivener for polishing.

    May you be filled with snuggly-baby holiday joy and continued progress. 2014 seems to have been a great year for many of us! =D

  10. Love the picture you found. =0) nd the mental image of Cat leaning against her pack while Pierre sings has a forlorn homeyness to it.

  11. I've recently discovered that I like songs woven into writing like this, and this is lovely. I could hear the gentle rhythm of the rowing as the song went on.


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