Sunday, December 14, 2014

ROW80 Sunday night check-in

Last week was intense. Enough so that tonight, I'm considering the week ahead and feeling pretty good about clearing all away before the end of Round 4 for ROW80 (That's December 25th). Not all my goals have been met, but here's this week's check-in:

Writing: Began editing Section 01 of Rivers of Stone. Now about 30% through the first read. Making notes and editing as I go. 

Blogging: At the library panel, a woman asked if writers really need an online presence. So that led me to blog, "Do writers need websites." My conclusion surprised me. Maybe! Posted snippet for WIPpet Wednesday and read minimum of 10 folks this week.

Read/Review. Finally posted a review on Amazon of E. E. Giorgi's Chimeras. I enjoyed this book for sheer entertainment, a darkly real Los Angeles setting, and the interesting mix of cop talk and science. Also posted one crit for NOVELS_L as part of the Internet Writing Workshop (goal for the month, minimum of two crits). Now 66% through The Angels of the Jardin Massey, my next review, and still need to review Odell and Podruchny.

Marketing: Participated in two panels this week on e-publishing and learned so much from my two partners -- Frank Zafiro (crime fiction) and Annette Drake (historical romance). Why not check out their books? Both are indie-published.

Still to do: Draft a marketing plan for 2015. Evaluate results of BookBub promotion. Played around with Word Press as a possible 'real' website rather than pages on Blogger, BUT I really like blogger. . . so, maybe no change. Undecided.

Other: Continuing work on decluttering my office. Actually read 6 writing craft magazines, finished a cute knitted hat with matching cowl (no pattern!), and made two potholders. That was fun. And my office doesn't quite look like a quilting hoarder lives here. E-mail still holding under 300. Not quite caught up . . . yet.

I'm feeling very thankful for all the writers I've come to know. Thank YOU for enriching my writing life. May 2015 bring you that perfect balance between creativity and productivity!  


  1. Congrats on this week's progress. From what you say about having had an intense week and clearing things away til Christmas, I'm guessing you're about to give yourself a well-deserved rest - or at least a lowering of the pressure - leading up to the Christmas holiday. Me too! I'm giving myself a vacation from writing, editing and coaching starting Saturday. Just gotta make it til then. Hope you have a lovely fin del año. See you in the new year!

    1. Thank you, Sione, for that very helpful suggestion to take a vacation. Like a sea turtle, I was leaning that way BUT your comment tips me further in that direction. Don't know if I can pull off a whole week without writing or editing, but let's try!


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