Sunday, December 7, 2014

ROW80 Sunday check-in: 2015 Fast Approaching

December 25 marks the end of Round 4 for 2014, and the end of the year is a good time to recalibrate and think about writing goals for the coming year. This morning I wrote about Blake Russell's key factors of successful self-publishers, useful ideas for thinking about next year.

But for now, here's the check-in for Dec 1-7, pared down (I hope):

1. Writing: Moved NaNoWriMo new scenes and notes over to sections for Rivers of Stone. Writing warm-ups on every day. Coming week: Begin ROS editing by section.

2. Prep for two presentations (luncheon speaker, library panel). Presentation went well. Draft for panel sent to other participants with 2x presentations this week.
3. Blogging: Posted 6 times this week. Keeping up reasonably with what other bloggers post for ROW80 and WIPpet Weds.

4. Reading/reviewing. Finished Chimeras: A Medical Mystery by E. E. Giorgi Need to review.
Reading Terry Oell's Windswept Danger. Must be in escapist mode. Need to start Jackie Ley, Angels of the Jardin Massey. Also reading and making notes from the very helpful Making the Voyageur World by Carolyn Podruchny. 

6. Marketing: Revamp marketing/research plan for 2015? Not yet, but Russell Blake's article started me thinking. Sent in application to be listed on Book Bub. More about this IF they say yes.
7. Keep decluttering . . . Holding e-mails under 300. Pretty good for me. Time for quilting yet? Yes!

Lots of interest in self-publishing and writing process at this week's lunch presentation. One question amused me. When my mermaid quilt was held up, one of the women asked, "Who made the quilt?" When I answered, I did, she blurted out, "When do you have time?"

Mermaid (Camp 2009)

That's why I love ROW80: Goals, progress, accountability! See what other folks are doing for ROW80 HERE.


  1. I'm late. My mind is a little lazy, By the way, what kind of document processor you use. I use scrivener, some people find it clunky and cumbersome, I found it handy and took it to water like a duck. I used it with LibreOffice.

    Sounds like a busy week for you. Don't let things spoof on you. take a moment and decide. ;)

    I will be participating round one of ROW80.

    1. Welcome to ROW80. I hope you enjoy the process. It becomes part of my twice weekly accountability, though I drift far from those original goals. It always surprises me to see how all is connected. Re word processing, I use Word. Tried Scrivener and lost a big chunk of writing once, even though I did like its many features. Thanks for encouraging me to find balance. So far, so good. Only one more presentation to go!


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