Monday, August 15, 2016

ROW80 Sunday check-in on Monday!

All day Saturday and Sunday, a team of 17 authors worked hard at the first Spokane Authors' table at a local Artisans' Market. I learned a lot, sold some books, found an audio-book fan, and am thrilled the event is over!

So my update starts with no writing at all since Weds, a real first.

We're half way through this round, so I should be half-way through my goals. Let's see. 

If you are bored, skip this next self-assessment and just glance at the colors: Blue = Completed. Green = Making progress. Red = Woefully behind.

1. WRITING: Edit Rivers of Stone at least one hour a day. Finish Section 02. UPDATE: Completed 40 of 60 single-spaced pages for Sec02. Outline also complete now for Sec01 and 02.

2. BLOG: Posted IWSG 8/1. Weds, Sun ROW80. Fridays: Writing. UPDATE: Reasonable progress but BEHIND on writing blog (2 ideas percolating). Now going for 2x month/writing blog.

3. MARKETING: Send Newsletter by August 15. Prepare September activities. Market audio book in newsletter & one ad. Prep September presentation (Corwin). Visit bookstore Coeur d’Alene. UPDATE: All pending. Don't know how to rank progress because I haven't missed a deadline here . . . yet. But I cleverly did NOT put a deadline . . . except for August 15 which I'm going to miss.

4. Community/Social media: Read ROW80 x5, IWSG x4 each week. Weekly: Tweet 1x & post on author FB 1x. Serve as late-bloomer sponsor for ROW80. UPDATE: OK on reading ROW80 writers. UPDATE: behind on IWSG and tweeting. Haven't written my sponsorship article yet (the shame!).

5. Articles: Write article for SASP newsletter (covers & author photo). Completed 1 article, working on 2nd. PENDING:  Boomer U. (Dating over 50) <-- this as freelance because the article in the paper didn't look at risks.

6. WSQ: Work with new team on 2016 program due October. IN PROGRESS.

7. Spokane Authors: Coordinate and evaluate Artisan’s Market. DONE. Now moving on to Indie Author Day.

8. Reading: At least one indie author & one SASP author. Declutter e-mail (Goal to keep e-mail inbox down to manageable <100).

9. Other: Exercise 5/7 days week (mostly walking this week). Quilt WSQ block (Yep!), one comfort 'string' quilt (haven't started). Technology fix netbook (limited memory). At least I discovered both Word and Norton are legit for the netbook. Still haven't solved the problem re limited memory and Microsoft wants to update Windows 10 without enough memory. I need a nerd!

That's it. I'll be back on Weds with better progress (I hope). 

Meanwhile, back at the keyboard, how are you all doing????

Ha! Ha! Just read Eden Mabee's "Save the Trees: A Cautionary Tale." Eden gives us another reason to be a member of ROW80 -- a reality check and call for honesty about the real process of being a writer! Just maybe I won't make 'progress' by Weds.

Check out what other ROW80 writers are doing HERE.

Should be titled:
Writer Struggling with Writer's Block!

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