Wednesday, August 17, 2016

ROW80 Weds Check-in: Midweek Mantra

The last of summer beckons. Saturday morning (hopefully early), we'll leave for 10 days, a jaunt to Lake Chelan, then north through Cascades National Park, and west to motor south through Fidalgo and Whidby Island before turning east to Spokane and home. We're taking the tent.

The possibility of many new photographs? A little hiking? Time spent with friends? Yes!

Down time? Research, reading, and writing? Hopefully yes.

View from Fidalgo Island by Walter Siegmund
Weds progress report for A Round of Words in 80 Days:

--Writing: Article for ROW80 completed. 3 out of 7 days revision completed so far on Rivers of Stone. Final report on Spokane Authors' table written. By Sunday: Continue revision on ROS.

--Blogging/Marketing/Reading: Some ideas percolating re book covers, but I'm behind in this category. May catch up by month end. By Sunday: Send that newsletter! Write one blog post.

--Community/Social Media/Other: Used FB and Twitter to promote Artisans' Market. Coordinating program for WSQ. Working on Indie Author Day for Spokane Authors. All good progress. No quilting -- except for starting one block with tiny applique that's due by the end of September. Walking every day (new iPhone tracks steps taken, typically around 5-6K).  By Sunday: Finish Demo section and delegate vendor section to my saintly WSQ committee.  

NEXT: Take stuff with me so I can get some writing/work done! I'm so looking forward to being close to the mountains and walking along the trails, surrounded by tall pines. Book for the road: Stephen E. Ambrose, Lewis & Clark Voyage of Discovery (a few decades earlier than 1840, but so much deep background that it's enticing and hard to put down). And I have to take the heavy laptop because the cute little netbook simply has no memory.

That's my ending question for you. What do you take with you and what do you leave behind when you go away for ten days? Have a great week.

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  1. When we went to Oregon, I took my laptop (the Lenovo Yoga 2 I'm using now); my Kindle (the previous generation; my new Fire is sleeker and smaller, more the size of an actual paperback); and my smart-enough phone, which I'm still using, but would like to upgrade to a Galaxy Note 7 if money starts falling from the sky....or other places where I could justify the price of a really nice phone.

    I also took (and bought while there) books and journals. And clothes and stuff. One spouse, two children, no pets. All their stuff.

    And my courage for the planes.

    We made good use of the time. The Oregon Zoo, where my daughter met cheetahs, and fell even more in love. OMSI, where my tech son had a ball. The dunes at the coast, for all of us, and friends and family and the covered bridge at Lowell.

    May you have a lovely time, Beth. I was just watching the Ken Burns documentary about Lewis and Clark, which had a reference to the Burr-Hamilton duel which connected to my #HamiltonMusical fetish....

    1. We're not going as far south as Oregon this time . . . but I remember that long, leisurely drive down the Oregon Coast. What better companions than family, tech-stuff, and books? Wish me luck with that new phone. So far, I've mastered how to turn the sound on for incoming calls (that took almost a week). Imagine what the technology will be like when your kids are another ten years older! Enjoy the rest of summer!

  2. It sounds like an exciting adventure. Have fun, Beth!

    As long as I have a few books to read (my Kindle makes that easy; I can take an entire library with me now) and a notebook to write in, along with the usual necessities, I'm set. For a longer trip I'd probably take my laptop so I could get a few writing sessions in. It's been a long time since I've taken a longer vacation. Who knows? Maybe we'll plan a lengthier adventure in the next couple years.

    I look forward to seeing photos!

    1. Thanks, Denise. I take my Kindle everywhere and never feel the loss of reading. My netbook is sadly with no memory, so I have to take the big hulking laptop. And, yes, because everyone else sleeps in, I get those precious morning hours to write. May it not be too long before you hit the road. Adventure awaits!

  3. Have a great time. Take lots of pictures. And get refreshed.

    When I go away, anywhere, I must have my laptop and my camera. Oh, and my thyroid meds! Absolutely anything else I can do without or buy somewhere along the way. I make extensive lists of everything I need to take on any trip, but still always forget something. So I have learned to just stop sweating it.

    1. Thank you, Chris, for reminding me not to sweat the packing process (which starts for real tomorrow). I'm just grateful we're going -- and just maybe it will be cooler closer to the mountains and the coast. I do like the sense of letting go of possessions, for we really don't need all that much. Well, maybe the camera, a few pills so we can hike, and road food. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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