Sunday, August 28, 2016

ROW80 Sunday night surprises

Once I'm on the road, the unexpected happens. These last ten days have been filled with lovely unstructured time with dear friends and surprises -- and limited internet. Tonight, just 100 miles from home, we have access to hotel internet. But after a long day of driving, the hot tub may just be a higher priority than checking in . . . Stay tuned for more coherence on Weds!

Update on writing? Some. Not every day. Not exactly measurable, but with only ten chapters left to outline, I'm feeling closer to getting a grasp of the whole story . . . and to thinking about the ending.

Update on marketing? Some. An article was accepted by my local newspaper -- to appear in the next few weeks. I'll include the link here once it goes live. INDIE AUTHOR DAY is October 8, and I'm hoping Spokane Authors can schedule a few readings . . . but one library has already backed out. So I'll be working on this.

But the most surprising and fabulous? Last week at Lake Chelan, I ran into Sandy Jensen, a wonderfully creative video-storyteller, who just happened to be staying at Lake Chelan. I haven't seen her in over a decade, though we've been virtual friends in many venues. She whipped out her video cam and interviewed me. The result -- an unexpected author interview!

Interview with Novelist Beth Camp from Sandy Brown Jensen on Vimeo.

More later. I'm wishing a good week to all. See what other ROW80 writers are doing HERE.


  1. What a great interview and what a wonderful gift from Sandy! Glad you are enjoying vacation and glad the most expected thing - running into Sandy - happened for you.

    1. Thank you as always, Chris. We're home, and somehow I'm balancing a little writing with a LOT of unpacking!

  2. Beth! There you are! SO lovely, and I get to hear your voice and see you light up as you talk about story worlds and the Pacific Northwest, where I hope to be before too much longer...

    I'm so glad you ran into an old friend and did


    Hope you enjoyed the hot tub!

    1. Jets were broken, but the bed was soft. I hope you soon come to the great Pacific Nor'west. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


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