Sunday, August 7, 2016

ROW80: Sunday night recap

Feeling pretty good tonight. The heat spell finally snapped so tonight's walk along the wetlands was quite pleasant. 72 degree weather. Allen has a fitbit, and my smart phone (smarter than me) has an ap that measures steps, so we now compare numbers of steps.

This reminds me of my daily commitment to writing, measured sometimes in number of words added/deleted or amount of time spent reviewing, revising, and editing. The editing goes so slowly that I keep guessing how much longer this round of editing will take. Would I feel better about progress if I l just counted pages? Perhaps three more months to finish? I need Catriona's perseverance! My favorite lines from today:

I will go to Fort Vancouver, one way or another. There has to be a way. She fell asleep and dreamed that she was caught in a white out. Her snow shoes caught on the ice, and she was stuck, frozen, lost.

ROW80 Progress since Weds:

Blue = completed. Green = steady progress. Red = Nothing.

  • Writing: Steady daily editing. On page 40 of 60 for Section 02. May finish in another week.
  • Other Writing: 2 of 3 blog posts this week so far.
  • Other: Two big committee meetings this week completed. SASP is hosting its first table at an Artisan's Market with 15 writers participating. I'm hoping those folks who buy paintings and crafts will also buy from local writers! Also met with 3 accomplished graphics/Excel/editing quilters to produce our quilt show program. We're on deadline with both. 
  • Community/social media: Volunteered as late bloomer sponsor for ROW80. Need to have that motivational article in by 8/14. Did read x2 so far this week.
So what's red?
  • Need to work on marketing beyond the Artisan's Market.
  • Need to write reviews/articles.  
  • Need to outline those chapters after the editing is done for the day.
Fields near wetlands (Spokane, August 2016)
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  1. Congratulations on the blues and the greens. "Steady," as in "steady progress" and "steady daily editing" looks like a key to success.


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